Monday, November 06, 2006


One full year ago this day,
words poured forth. So much to say,
I was compelled to start this blog
to help find my way through the fog.

Tortured nights, chaotic thoughts,
and enumerable 'shoulds' and 'oughts'
pushed me towards insanity ...
exposed my unescapable humanity.

Days went by, and then several weeks.
I received encouragement and tough critiques.
Months then passed, and now a year
and that Saving Faith still just ain't here.

So obviously not much has changed,
'cept that I'm not nearly as harangued
by the concept that I must know the Truth.
(Sheesh, writing that feels so uncouth.)
But its the facts, ya know?
"I just don't know!"
I want to,
try to,
but at the end of the day,
"I don't know." is the best I can say.

And now this poem sort of died. Just like my desire to blog much any more. No 'oomph' inside to write anything. No impetus to get anything off my chest. No internal wrestlings that I think will be solved by public debate.

So, I guess this is "Adios" for a while. I'm sure I'll be on to post some random news blip or short story or pics of the kids. But all the public soul searching has gotten to be sort of tired and ... I don't know ... for the time being, I'm just sort of done with it. ** To all my faithful readers, might I suggest that you subscribe to my blog via email? (You can do this in the right hand side of the screen down toward the bottom of the blog page.) Then, if and when I decide to start posting again, you will be notified.

Thanks to all of you who have joined me on this journey. My hope is that the public sharing of my life has encouraged you in some way.

I'll end with a quote from one of the all-time best films ever made,
The Naked Gun:

Lt. Frank Drebin: [narrating] The attempt on Nordberg's life left me shaken and disturbed, and all the questions kept coming up over and over again, like bubbles in a case of club soda. Who was this character in the hospital? And why was he trying to kill Nordberg? And for whom? Did Ludwig lie to me? I didn't have any proof, but, somehow, I didn't entirely trust him, either. Why was the I Luv You not listed in Ludwig's records? And if it was, did he know about it? And if he didn't, who did? And [looking around trying to figure out where he had just walked to] ... where the hell was I?

Yeah, thats just what I've been asking: "WHERE AM I?"

My answer ... on a journey.

But, for the forseeable future, I'll be truckin' along sans bloggin'.

Miro, out.

"Deep Thoughts" from Saturday Night Live ...